Stuffed teddy bear Matthew

Hello! Meet my new stuffed teddy bear Matthew:

Matthew teddy bear by yoqopody
Matthew teddy bear by yoqopody

Matthew is made from white and gray cotton thick fabric and decorated with coconut palm tree robe and coconut shell bottoms. He is  about 35 cm tall and quite slim – 25 cm in his waist.  His arms and legs are moving any directions, connected by cotton thick thread.

Matthew is available for sale my new easy shop . Please support and stay connected on Facebook and Instagram

If you would like to create your own teddy, here is my post with free pattern you can download and here is some photos from the process. Enjoy it!

stuffed teddy bear



Linen tote bag

Well, I have not touched my sewing machine for almost a year, being busy with some other project, like project 88 by travelonger and yoqopody design studio project.
During our last Nepal trip I bought some nice Nepaly authentic fabric to make cushion and table set, and maybe even a dress…Together with placing new fabric to my magic wardrobe, I finally decided to sort our my other fabrics and unfinished projects. Together with couple of unfinished teddy bears and quilts I found this beautiful linen tote bag.

handmade linen tote bag

I made it from 100% linen fabric of beautiful blue and deep red colors, which I felt in love with when I saw them in the shop. From similar fabric I even made a dress and wear it for a while, until it was accidentally  damaged.

The pattern for this tote bag I created myself from some graphic sketches I always have in my sketchbook.

linen tote bag

Overall the bag seems to be big enough and comfy for a beach occasion or grocery shopping. It is a pity it was not finished and I decided to get it done.

I have made the bottom of the bag with only one layer of fabric and this time I`ve decided that this will be not enough and stitched a peace of iron adhesive fabric to the bottom of my tote bag.

linen tote bag

I did the same for upper border of the bag as well.


Placing the liner I realized that the actual size of the liner is wider then the bag. My bad, so, I had to improvise and made some overlapping of the fabric to save the whole thing.

linen tote bag

Bag handles I enforced with iron adhesive fabric as well and together with two layers of linen the handles looks quite strong. Now need to stitch the whole thing together.
linen tote bagAfter folded three times and stitched two time the upper edge of the bag looked  exactly as I planned it to.

linen tote bag

The final look of my beautiful linen tote bag:

linen tote bag

It is so great to finish something that you have started long time ago! Oh, feeling myself just great.

linen tote bag

linen tote bag

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Ecuador

Just a few photos from our visit Centro de Arte Contemporaneo – Center of Contemporary art in Quito, Ecuador

contemporary art

contemporary art

contemporary art

contemporary art

contemporary art

contemporary art

Quito centro of contemporary art
Museum is located in the building of old military hospital building and features interesting shapes and space design.
Quito centro of contemporary art
Colorful windows.
Quito centro of contemporary art
Beautiful shapes of arches and walkways

Quito centro of contemporary artQuito centro of contemporary art

Quito centro of contemporary art

Meet my new stuffed doll – Mashenka

Today I put to my Box With Pretty Things my new stuffed doll with lovely Russian name Mashenka.

Originally I had an idea to make a doll for a cartoon movie “Mashenka and three bears”. Unfortunately for some reasons we can not transform this idea into the life, but Mashenka was created.

She is young, a bit crazy, very friendly and sociable. She like bright colors and funny people. She always smile and usually makes smile everybody else.

how to sew a doll. hand made, stuffed toys, do it yourself, free pattern to download

Sorry guys, I can not share pattern with you, simple because I do not have one. I sew Mashenka without any pattern, and this makes my new stuffed doll being very special and unique.

The boat from my dream

Every night I have a dreams, normally good and colorful dreams. One night I have a wonderful dream, where I was walking underwater and sea bottom was covered with corals and old boats ans ships. In the morning I decided to paint my dream, before I forget it.

acrylic landscape painting, paint seascape, primitives art,

The Boat From the Dream, acrylic on paper, 27×37, 2010.

New Teddy Bear with funny name Ushlepysh

Today I will put in my Box With Pretty Things my new teddy bear with funny and unusual name Ushlepysh. The name does not have any meaning, it just sounds fun.

So, here is my new friend:how to sew a teddy bear, free online sewing patterns

Feel free to download the pattern. There are special marks that can help to sew it in right way.

free online sewing patterns, dolls to sew, make teddy bear, toys hand made

The instruction how to sew a teddy bear you can find in my previous post How to make a teddy bear

How to make Teddy Bear – free online sewing patterns. Free Tutorial.

Today I will show how to sew teddy bear. Using my free tutorials and patterns you can easy build you own custom teddy bear toys.
For sewing teddy bear doll you will need to prepare fabric (it can be mohair or cotton or wool, whatever you prefer), scissors, treads and needles, pair of buttons for eyes and good mood.

First you need to download this Teddy Bear Pattern and print it cut the details out.
How to build a teddy bear, download pattern for free

Step 1. Download pattern and cut the pieces.
Put your fabric face down on the table and transform pattern pieces on it. You should have two pieces of head (Detail N1), one piece of head gusset (Detail N2), four pieces of ears (Detail N3), two body pieces (Detail N4), two outer arms (Detail N5), two inner arms (Detail N6), two paw pads (Detail N7), four legs (Detail N8) and two food pads (Detail N9).
free teddy bear pattern, how to build a teddy bear, transform pattern to fabric, sew you custom teddy bear

Step 2. Sew the teddy bear head.

Match two head side pieces together and sew from the tip of the nose down to the neck opening. Match head gusset and sew from point B to points A. Turn the head right side out.
hand made teddy bears, Teddy bears head, teddy bear pattern,

Step 3. Build a teddy bear body.

Match two body pieces and sew it together, but leave one inch on the top
teddy bear body, how to sew a teddy bear, free pattern to download
Turn the body right side out, now you have a teddy bear body and teddy bear head
teddy bear body and teddy bear head, free pattern to download, hand made teddy bear, stuffed dolls, easy toys

Step 4. Sewing teddy bears arms.

Match one paw pad up to the corresponding inner arms and sew them. Point C to point C and point D to point D.
download pattern for free, stuffed dolls, teddy bears, teddy bear pattern, how to sew teddy bear arms

After that sew inner arm with correct outer arm (do double check before sewing) but leave one inch of arm (close to the neck) to turn and stuff.

how to sew teddy bear arms, free tutorials, photo lesson, how to make a teddy bear

After you turn you arms right side out you should have two cute teddy bears arms
how to build a teddy bear, custom made teddy bears, cute teddy bears, hand made teddy bear

Step 5. Sewing teddy bears legs.

Match legs, be sure that each leg has one outer let and one inner leg. Pin and sew them with food pads, and as for arms, leave one inch. Point E to point E and point F to point F.

step by step lesson how to sew a teddy bear, free pattern, cute teddy bear

Step 6. Sewing teddy bear ears and stuffing the doll.

Match and sew ears. Turn all pieces right side out, and stuff all details.
Now we have a teddy bear by pieces:
stuffed teddy bear, how to sew a teddy bear, photo lesson how to build your own teddy bear

Step 7. Making teddy bears eyes.

You will need two buttons, long needle and wide thread.
teddy bears eyes, how to build a teddy bear, free lesson with pattern

With wide thread and long needle do only one stitch for one time. The end of your thread should be on the other side on bears head, coming from eye to the neck. Pull off all your ends and tie with a strong knot.
teddy bears eyes, free pattern to download, buttons for teddy bear eyes\

Do the same for the other eye. Now our cute Teddy Bear can see the world!

teddy bear stuffed doll, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials

Step 8. Match the body and the head.

Close the open seam on the top of teddy bear body, stitch it as accurate as possible.
hand made teddy bears, cute teddy bears, how to sew a teddy bear, free pattern

Match you head to the body and stitch two details together. Do it very accurate. In a result you will this:
free patterns, stuffed dolls, sewing the teddy bear

Step 9. Placing arms.

I`m using the same technique, as for placing eyes. with wide thread and long needle
placing teddy bears arms, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials, free pattern to download

placing teddy bears arms, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials, free pattern to download

placing teddy bears arms, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials, free pattern to download

placing teddy bears arms, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials, free pattern to download

In a result you teddy bear doll should be able to move its arms.

cute teddy bears, how to sew a teddy bear, free tutorials, stuffed teddy bears

Step 10. Placing legs.

The technique for placing teddy bear legs is totally the same as for placing teddy bears arms.

teddy bears lesson, how to sew a teddy bear, free pattern, placing teddy bears legs, how to build a teddy bears

Now, when you put teddy bears head, body, arms and legs all together, you stuffed doll should be able to stay and looks like this
how to sew a teddy bears, free tutorials, photo lessons, teddy bear pattern

And your teddy bear doll should be able to sit as well

how to sew a teddy bears, free tutorials, photo lessons, teddy bear pattern

Step 11. Placing teddy bear ears.

Choose the right place for ears for your teddy bear and stitch it accurate
teddy bear lessons, how to build a stuffed teddy bear, teddy bear pattern

Step 12. Making teddy bear nose

Stitch the nose for your teddy bear doll for your own design. The easiest way is to make nose as a triangle. Stitch the mouth.
Choose the scarf and wind it round the teddy bears neck.

Here you are, nice and really cute teddy bear stuffed doll:

how to sew teddy bears, hand made dolls, make a teddy bear

Step 12. Finishing a teddy bear doll.

In the end I decided to stitch a leather pieces as a food pads
hand made teddy bear, how to sew teddy bear, free teddy bear pattern

So, what else you have to do?…. Oh, right, you need to pick a name for your new teddy bear doll. I called mine Authentic Teddy Bear:
stuffed teddy bears dolls, photo lesson how to build a teddy bear

Holiday baking recipe, Part 2: sugar-free cookies

Healthy recipe for easy cookies:

For 250 g of baked cookies you will need:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon of soda
45 g of margarine or butter
one teaspoon of salt
30 g of cheese (I put edam)
– No eggs
– No Sugar

Mix flour and soda. Make soft the butter and mix with grated cheese. Add salt and mix with flour. I have to add a couple of hot water too. When your dough is ready cut it to small sizes and shapes and put into cookie sheets. Before baking, cover every cookie with raw egg and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 15 mins with temperature 250 C.

easy cookie recipe

You can serve this salty cookies to the beer snack, they taste very good together.

Holiday baking recipes, Part 1: sugar cookies

I decided to bake a holiday cookies and could not decide what of the cookies I would like to bake today: sugar cookies or sugar-free cookies. As a result, I made both of them.

Easy to make cookies with sugar and raisin
 basic sugar cookie recipe

Simple sugar-free cookies with salt (great healthy snack for everyone,)
Healthy snack ideas

All of this cookies was so delicious and easy to make, and I will be happy to share cookie recipes.

Sugar cookie recipe:

For 15 pieces (appr. 250 g) you will need following ingredient:
1 full cup of all purpose flour (king arthur flour for example)
150 g of margarine or butter, softened
1 egg
1/4 tea spoon of baking soda
2-3 spoon of sugar (or you can put more, if you want sweet cookies)
half lime or lemon
25 g of raisin

Make sure you butter is soft and cream it together with sugar. Add soda to a cup of flour and mixed them with folk. Add eggs and flour to the butter, mix it add juice from lime and raisin. Mix it very well, if the dough is sticking to the hand, probably you need to add a bit more flour.
recipe for best softest sugar cookies

Roll rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into balls or you can use cookie cutters for a nice forms, and place onto ungreased cookie sheets. To make you cookies looks shiny you can cover the top of the cookies with raw egg and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake for a 15 minutes in a 250 degrees or until golden.

Enjoy your easy sugar cookies!
basic sugar cookie recipe

It should not taste too sweet, for cookies definitely should be melt-in-the-mouth cookies.