The boat from my dream

Every night I have a dreams, normally good and colorful dreams. One night I have a wonderful dream, where I was walking underwater and sea bottom was covered with corals and old boats ans ships. In the morning I decided to paint my dream, before I forget it.

acrylic landscape painting, paint seascape, primitives art,

The Boat From the Dream, acrylic on paper, 27×37, 2010.

On Ko Phangan island we have our favorite spot, small and cozy fisherman beach, where we spent sunsets from time to time. There is old fisherman boat on the beach, and it looks like nobody care about it. One day we saw a wonderful sunset and the boat transforms into magical colors. I made the picture and later painted it.

the boat, the beach, Ko Phangan island

Fisherman boat on the beach, oil on paper, 27×37, 2010.